# Grade requirements for adults

# Kyu-grade requirements for adults

The current requirements for kyu-grades of Finland Aikikai came into effect 12.1.2019 and they were updated 8.9.2019. Click for requirements in pdf-format.

These kyu-grade requirements are for aikido practitioners above the age of 13.

To take a kyu exam, the participant must fill out the registration form by the deadline set by the examiner and pay the examination fee defined annually by Finland Aikikai. Participants need to have the Aikido passport of Finland Aikikai. The participants will receive a Finland Aikikai kyu-diploma for each grade awarded in examinations.

The clubs register kyu grades in Suomisport register (www.suomisport.fi) and the fees are charged based on the grades registered.

As a sign of obtained grades, members with 6. – 4. kyu use a white belt. Those with 3. – 1. kyu can use a brown belt and hakama.

# Levels in Kyu grades

The techniques named by the examiner should always be performed as basic techniques (kihonwaza) from standing still. Basic techniques are performed as kata. In free techniques (jiyuwaza) you can use applied techniques (oyowaza) and variations of basic techniques (henkawaza). Free techniques (jiyuwaza) are performed from motion and joint locks are not used at the end of the technique.

# Additions to the requirements by Clubs

Instructors and graduation examiners can add club specific requirements. Additions must to be made in writing and sent to the Educational Committee of Finland Aikikai.

# Time limits

Grade Time required
6. kyu 20 days of practice
5. kyu 30 days of practice
4. kyu 40 days of practice
3. kyu 50 days of practice
2. kyu 50 days of practice
1. kyu 60 days of practice