# About this guide

Welcome to the Aikido Grading Guide!

This guide has been compiled based on materials published by the Junior, Education, and Technical Committees of the Finnish Aikido Federation. In addition to the official materials, the guide includes YouTube sensei links to videos available on YouTube, which can provide inspiration for practicing techniques.



# Graduation in Aikido

A crucial part of Aikido involves the belt-ranking system. The purpose of the belt examination system is to provide practitioners with a guideline that allows them to set intermediate goals along Aikido's long path.

The current adult kyu belt examination requirements of the Finnish Aikido Federation came into effect in 2019. The dan grading requirements were updated in 2021. The revised dan grading requirements have been in use since September 1, 2021.

Only members of clubs affiliated with the Finnish Aikido Federation are eligible to participate in belt examinations. Individuals from outside Finland must obtain written permission from their own federation or their country's chief instructor to participate. Similarly, if a Finnish federation member wishes to take a belt examination abroad, they must have permission from the Finnish Aikido Federation.

Please explore the material available on the Finnish Aikido Federation's website: https://www.aikidoliitto.fi/graduointi (opens new window).